ProjectPrestudy Electric Road Conductive Car Charging

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Prestudy Electric Road Conductive Car Charging

Electric road systems (ERS) in which electrical energy is transferred during movement from the road to the vehicle for both propulsion and charging of battery, has great potential for reducing dependency on fossil fuels, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and increased energy efficiency in the transport sector.

Charging infrastructure for electric cars utilizing ERS technology would give a possibility for automatic wireless charging, stationary as well as during movement, and thereby simplifying everyday life for users of electric cars.

The purpose of the project is to conduct a prestudy in order to partly evaluate the potential of various ERS technologies to be used for automatic wireless conductive charging of electric cars that are stationary or moving slowly over short distances (e.g. queues), and partly prepare a demonstration project.

Viktoria Swedish ICT works together with Volvo Cars and with financial support from the Swedish program for Strategic Vehicle Research and Innovation (FFI). The evaluation will include studies of strengths, weaknesses and readiness of technologies from at least three suppliers.