ProjectPre-study on roaming for electric vehicle charging

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Pre-study on roaming for electric vehicle charging

The aim of the project is to build knowledge about roaming for electric vehicle charging, i.e. how charging of electric vehicle batteries and its payment can be made at different locations in the grid. The process of knowledge building makes use of seminars, market studies and interviews of electric car users and fleet owners.

The project will hopefully facilitate the transition to electrified driving and payment for public charging. The ambition is to reduce the risk that new obstacles are introduced if users are faced with complex payment solutions and where a lack of overview of the electric car costs can get users maintaining vehicles dependent on fossil fuels.

Viktoria Swedish ICT has gained support for the project from the Swedish Energy Agency and performs the project with help of the partners ChargeStorm, Energiforsk, Ericsson, Power Circle and Q-Park.