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Safe and Green Road Vehicles Europe (SAGE)

Developers of road vehicles, R&D actors and public institutions currently face the challenge of transforming road vehicle technology and market. Road vehicles need to become radically more green, safe and intelligent.

In Europe, the road transport sector is responsible for almost one fifth of the total green house gas emissions. More than 700 million vehicles are used for road transportation and by 2050 the number of vehicles may grow to over 3 000 million. The sector of road transportation has the largest effect on global mean temperature rise of all categories of transport. While there may be a discussion on the details of this impact, it is generally agreed that the contribution to climate change from the road transport sector is a substantial and growing problem. Increased economic growth and increased environmental impact need to be decoupled, and this may require radically new transport solutions with zero or little CO2 footprint.

Electric or hybrid electric vehicles and alternative fuels are key technologies. Safety for drivers, passengers and other road users is another central problem that that needs to be addressed. In 2009, 34 500 people died on the roads of the European Union and 1 500 000 persons were injured. The societal cost is very large, estimated at approximately 130 billion Euros in 2009. A substantial decrease of death and serious injury will require radical improvements in accident prevention, e.g. through accident avoidance systems, active systems for safety, protection systems for injury and an enhanced knowledge on injury mechanisms and post-crash safety. Thus, important research-based drivers today are accident mitigation and implementation of carbon neutral technology.

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