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Wireless charging of electric vehicles (EVs) is believed to be a key factor for convenient EV usage and therefore it could contribute to a faster mass introduction of EVs. Increased use of EVs on the expense of conventional vehicles will reduce the use of fossil fuels and lead to more sustainable transport solutions.

The wireless technique, also called strongly coupled magnetic resonance or inductive energy transfer, allows energy to be transferred through magnetic fields that does not require a cable to be plugged in. However, with high power transferred the field surrounding the equipment also becomes stronger. The effects of exposure from these fields on people and animals are not completely known and therefore it is important to minimize exposure until effects are identified to avoid potential risks.

This project aims to use theoretical field analysis to build a new type of wireless charging solution for EVs with minimized leakage fields to decrease exposure of humans and animals. The project also aims to measure the fields and simulate the fields in the human body to evaluate the exposure in different human organs.

The project is carried out in close collaboration between university, institute and industry. Viktoria Swedish ICT is the project owner and additional partners are Chalmers University of Technology, automotive subcontractor QRTECH AB, Vattenfall AB and Bienzero AB.