ProjectSEER - Seamless, Efficient and Enjoyable user-vehicle inteRaction

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SEER - Seamless, Efficient and Enjoyable user-vehicle inteRaction

Car and truck drivers of today demand vehicles offering seamless, connected interaction and infotainment functions with the kind of effortless usability that they have grown accustomed to from the high end consumer products market.

This growing demand and availability of brought-in and in-vehicle applications has led to numerous research efforts on the problem of driver distraction. At the same time, car and truck OEMS are starting to roll out driver-assistance systems (low level automation) on the market in large scale which take over some of the driving-related tasks from the driver/user.

In the current project we will investigate how secondary tasks should be designed to allow for a seamless and efficient interaction which is safe and enjoyable at the same time. The most important results from the project are 1) increased knowledge of how user behavior and experience of secondary task interaction changes when driver assistance systems are active - and 2) design principles and HMI concepts/technologies for secondary tasks in assisted driving scenarios.