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Shanghai EV car sharing user study

Viktoria Swedish ICT and Shanghai International City Group (SIAC) are performing a user study on SIAC's electric vehicle car sharing services in Shanghai. The overall goal is to understand the customer characteristics, needs, and requirements for the electric vehicle sharing service, by identifying:

  • Potential user groups
  • User attitudes and mobility needs
  • Preferable rental station positions
  • Preferable payment models

The EV-sharing service operated by SIAC are currently running in two districts in Shanghai: Jiading and Jing’an. These two districts have distinctive urban settings and functions.

Jiading district is rather large in area and is located in the north suburb area where many industries locate.

Oppositely, Jing’an district is in the centre of Shanghai and closely connected to the rest of the city.

The different characteristics of the districts would lead to different use patterns and mobility needs of the customers. Results for the two areas are to be compared in the study


Step 1: Pilot study
Obtain demographics and background for the survey and find out the current problems of the EV sharing service.

Step 2: Design of questionnaire
Design a questionnaire that can verify the hypothesis and understand users’ attitudes regarding the EV sharing service.

Step 3: Launching questionnaire, collecting and managing data
Roughly around 380 respondents will participate both in Jiading and Jing’an districts, with the questionnaire being accessible both online and physically.

Step 4: Data analysis and result interpretation
Analyse the data using statistical ananlysis tools and interpreting the results.

Step 5: Result and Deployment
Presenting the main results in both an internal report to SIAC and in a jointly written scientific paper.

The main expected result would be the potential user group(s) and the purpose of use in both areas; moreover, the possibilities to improve the system, e.g., suitable stations and payment model. Policy suggestions will be given on basis of the survey results and Viktoria’s experience with relevant research in order to improve the use rate of the EV sharing service in Shanghai.