Shared Shuttle Services (S3)

The project S3 - Shared Shuttle Services is piloting shared autonomous electric vehicles at Lindholmen and Chalmers Campus Johanneberg in Göteborg to demonstrate how new mobility solutions can strengthen a sustainable city development. The initiative is part of Drive Sweden's project in The Swedish Government’s Innovation Partnership Program.

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Cities are faced with the challenge of exploring new ways to increase densification while maintaining a high quality of life, and meeting the demand for increased mobility. One of the main challenges is parking, which utilizes vast amounts of land that could otherwise be used for housing people or services. Furthermore, building parking to meet parking requirements is expensive and is a hinder for building new apartment complexes. Finally, studies show that parking undermines the efforts of other sustainable transport projects like cycling infrastructure and improved public transport. To address this challenge the S3 project aims at piloting shared autonomous shuttle services to demonstrate how developer-financed transportation solutions can spark and support dense urban growth with new, lower parking norm.

The project is led by RISE Viktoria and brings together developers, industry, academia and the public officials, to together design and demonstrate new shared mobility options that can strengthen Gothenburg and regional mobility.

The project runs from May 2017 to December 2018. The project is composed of 9 work packages which include: operating and validation autonomous shuttles, identifying complementary mobility services, driving open innovation, creating a business model and roadmap for shared mobility services, designing an innovation cloud, and carrying out events and marketing.

S3 is the second project in Sweden to test autonomous shuttles, but it is unique in its approach of designing the services together with real-estate and city developers. The project will increase this groups knowledge in new forms of mobility services, providing the necessary technology and tools to incorporate mobility services from the planning phase.