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Slide-in Electric Road System

The energy storage capacity of batteries limits long-distance transport, especially for heavy-duty electric vehicles. Moreover, a battery for long distance transport is a substantial part of the total cost and weight of an electric vehicle. To reduce the battery dependency, the potential of continuously transfer power from the roadway to the vehicles is in this project investigated.

The goal of this project is to investigate whether it is possible to create an Electric Road System that is both safe, robust and with an acceptable cost especially considering the efficiency compared to comparable alternatives. The proposed solution should suit both the heavier transport segment and the passenger car segment to justify the infrastructure cost.

By continuously transmitting energy along the highways, batteries could be adapted for short city routes and with the same size as in today's hybrid cars, and thereby reduce both cost and weight. An Electric Road System furthermore also entails a simplified and more effective way to use renewable energy sources. The project is commissioned by Volvo GTT, which in turn are financed by the Swedish Energy Agency, as part of a larger project in which both conductive and inductive energy transfer are investigated.