ProjectSmart tram grid

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Smart tram grid

Due to increased traffic and an increasing usage of trams with a higher power demand the Gothenburg tram network's power supply is currently locally overloaded. The overload is not continuous but occurs mainly in the form of short-term peaks when several trams, which have no power limitation, accelerate simultaneously.

This project will theoretically investigate whether smart communication, whenever necessary, can influence the trams’ power consumption based on the currently available capacity in the feeder stations to avoid such an overload. The aim is that trams should be influenced in such a way that the infrastructure can be utilized more efficiently, leading to increased capacity and fewer interruptions without noticeably altering tram performance.

Collaborating partners in this project are Göteborgs spårvägar, Trafikkontoret Göteborg, Viktoria Swedish ICT and Västtrafik. The project is funded by the Västra Götaland region.