ProjectSustainable & attractive station communities

Sustainable & attractive station communities

“Sustainable & attractive station communities” (Hållbara & attraktiva stationssamhällen) is a two-year research project co-financed by Vinnova. The project aim to contribute to sustainable growth by developing and demonstrating mobility services related to efficient land use and sustainable local mobility in the west Swedish station communities Lerum and Nödinge.

The demonstrated mobility services will address the mobility needs that are not covered by traditional means of public transport, aiming at reducing car dependency and usage. A bonus system that will also be implemented to further push users towards sustainable travel habits. The project will furthermore clarify the climate impact of exploitation options by the means of a novel CO2 calculation tool, while banks and brokers will develop business practices with the help of accommodation cost estimates; including time budget and carbon footprint.

IVL Swedish Environmental Resarch Institute, Chelmers University of Technology, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden and Viktoria Swedish ICT join forces in the project with a strong constellation of partners. The consortium includes both local and national business partners in real estate, retail, banking and brokerage as well as public actors at local and regional level, universities and institutes. The project will moreover actively cooperate with the H2020 project EMPOWER, which will provide a platform for incentives assessment and Living Lab methodology.

Viktoria Swedish ICT is involved in developing a platform for services and the incentive system, in developing the mobility services and in the setup and execution of the two pilot demonstrations.

The project consortium consists of Göteborgsregionens Kommunalförbund, Västra Götalandregionen, Västtrafik, Ale Kommun, Lerum Kommun, ICA, Ale Bygg, Handelsbanken, Svensk Fastighetsförmedling, Derome, Wallenstam, Skanska, HSB, Förbo, Jutabo, Handelsbanken, Bzzt, CleverApps, Chalmers Tekniska Högskola, SP Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut, Viktoria Swedish ICT and IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet.


The project was initiated within the framework for the international knowledge center Mistra Urban Futures and is coordinated by Göteborgsregionens kommunalförbund.

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