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More and more companies are developing and exposing API’s for external developers, something which requires both a technical infrastructure and accompanying license terms. A major barrier when compiling license terms is to meet both business needs, third-party developer ecpectations and at the same time both be juridical compliant.

To lower this barrier the project seeks to develop, in close collaboration with relevant actors, a generalizable and open API license for privately owned companies, either planning to or already having released API’s. The license will be publically available, allowed to be modified and re-distributed. Moreover, the license will be delivered together with a description accounting for typical decisions that a company need to be consider when making an API available, regarding both business and legal issues.

Project partners besides Viktoria Swedish ICT include Dopter, Samtrafiken and Mannheimer Swartling. The project is sponsored by VINNOVA - Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems.

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