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Urban Mobility Information Services in Rio de Janeiro

Viktoria Swedish ICT and the Swedish IT-company MODERNAGE have finalised a Brazilian-Swedish research and innovation collaboration on digital transportation services together with the Center of Operations at the city of Rio de Janeiro (COR) and the city's informatics company IplanRio.

The contest has now announced the Winners. Please read more here

A prize ceremony have been done also 7´th of June 2016, please read more here

The project is now finalised and the Final Report is available, please click the link,

An innovation lab handling the Open Data in Rio is also in place,

Transportation in a megacity such as Rio de Janeiro is vital but also challenging. As many other megacities it is often complex to make informed travel decisions. Digital and publically available services could play a key role when dealing with this challenge. As part of the collaboration, the project "Urban Mobility Information Services in Rio de Janeiro" (UMIS) aims to support third-party developers to create innovative services enabled by open data and distributed development.

The project will provide the developer community with a API platform that simplifies the launch of innovative mobile apps consuming open data exposed by the City of Rio. The API platform is based on MODERNAGE API platform and will enable a wide variety of business models by supporting both enterprise and consumer apps. The intention is to lower the barrier for software developers to bring to market new apps by abstracting the complexity to access open data sources and making them available directly on smartphones and tablets.

UMIS will also launch a Digital Innovation Contest with the aim of generating viable services that will ease transportation and bringing some of the best ideas to support the City of Rio’s preparations in time for the Olympic Games. Drawing on Viktoria’s extensive know-how of using contests as a driver of innovation, the proposed contest design includes inviting capable organizations and people (situated both in Sweden, Brazil and other countries) based on commercial incentives. This way, the process of getting open transport data to work will be significantly increased.

Please visit and read more about the Digital Innovation Contest.

In addition to the UMIS project, COR and IplanRio will provide post-contest support to further develop the contest's winning prototype services into market-ready services. The intention is to achieve publically available mobility information services in use for everyday travel and large scale events.

The Swedish organizations have received funding from Swedish innovation agency VINNOVA's programme Cooperation for Eco-innovations with Actors in Brazil.