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ProjectValue of Open Data at the Swedish Transport Administration

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Value of Open Data at the Swedish Transport Administration

As the degree of digitalization in the society increases, so does the complexity for organizations to cater for a full­fledged offering of IT­based services. One way to address this challenge is to grant access to an organization’s databases through public APIs, thereby enabling external third­party developers to design end­user IT services. The Swedish Transport Administration has taken several steps towards this type of external service development through e.g. DATEX II and two open APIs on Currently, hundreds of individuals and commercial firms have registered for access to these APIs which have made the administration’s information available in an array of new contexts such as smartphone apps, web sites and car navigators.

However, while this information is used in many new contexts, little is currently known about the value these services have generated. The purpose of this project is hence to investigate how the value of services based on open data can be assessed. This will be done by 1) surveying available services available to end users 2) a definition of what value in this context means (grounded in existing IT strategies, the perceptions held by employees at the administration and available research)

Based on the existing services and an anchored value concept the project will develop a model for assessing the value of these services together with a method execute the assessment.