Command-based Driving for Tactical Control of Highly Automated Vehicles

Habibovic, A., Andersson, J., Nilsson, J., Nilsson, M., Edgren, C.
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Conference item

As vehicles become highly automated, their drivers become more passive. A concern is it may take drivers out of the control loop, causing reduced satisfaction and perceived control. The study explores whether or not drivers feel the need to control tactical decisions when operating highly automated vehicles. An experiment involving 17 drivers was carried out in a driving simulator. Each driver tested two different tactical controllers, allowing him/her to give various tactical commands to the vehicle (e.g., overtake, park). The results indicate that the drivers experienced a need to affect tactical decisions of highly automated vehicles. Several of the tactical commands were found useful, especially on rural roads and highways. It also gave them a feeling of being in control of the vehicle, suggesting that command-based driving might be a way to keep drivers in the control loop.

7th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics 2016 Orlando
United States
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Advances in Human Aspects of Transportation