Four Business Models for a Fast Commercialization of PlugIn Vehicles

Williander, M., Stålstad, C.
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Plug-in vehicles are one important means to lower CO2 emissions from the transport sector. Despite this, uptake is slow. This can be well explained by theory on social dilemma problems and on diffusion of innovations. The traditional “sell-and-disengage” business model is not suitable for plug-in cars. Using an entrepre-neurial business model generation process we have developed four alternative business models that address important factors for the speed of which customers adopt an innovation.  The results show that alternative business models are neces-sary, but they cannot alone ensure a fast, and lasting, commercialization of plug-in cars. As a complement, governments will have to take measures to control exter-nal factors that influence the viability of business models for plug-in cars.

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Lecure Notes in Mobility