Is the Public Motivated to Engage in Open Data Innovation?

Juell-Skielse, G., Hjalmarsson, A., Johannesson, P., Rudmark, D.
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Conference item

Governments aim to increase democracy by engaging the public in using open data to develop mobile apps and citizen services. They make information avail- able (open data) and organize innovation contests to stimulate innovation with the goal to make new services available for the public to use. But will the pub- lic take on the challenge to both develop and provide services to each other? In this paper we use a case study from public transportation to investigate the mo- tivation for individuals and teams to participate in innovation contests. The re- sults show that the motivation for participating is primarily related to fun and enjoyment. We argue that in order to better meet the goals of open data innova- tion, governments need to follow through the full service innovation cycle and also care for making citizen coproduction in the execution and monitoring phases fun and enjoyable. Currently there is little chance for participants to make profit on a competitive market so governments need to provide other mechanisms to ensure service provisioning. For future research it is suggested to investigate how the later stages of open data innovation can be supported in order to meet the overall goals of open data innovation.

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Proceedings of 13th IFIP WG 8.5 International Conference, EGOV 2014