Radar reflecting pavement markers for vehicle automation

Voronov, A., Hultén, J., Wedlin, J., Englund, C.
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Conference item

Dependable and fail-safe control of autonomous vehicles requires multiple independent sensors for lane detection and positioning. From analysis of modern sensing technologies, we conclude that radars are underutilized for positioning, and that they might be an enabling technology for achieving safety requirements posed by the standard ISO 26262. To fully utilize the radar potential, we have conducted a pre-study of equipping infrastructure with radar reflectors. We estimate that such reflectors should be installed in the lane markings, about 20-25 meters apart and with some kind of identification. We propose to design and evaluate a combi-reflector based on the traditional cat’s eye design, which will be detectable both by human drivers, radars and lidars. Furthermore, the combi-reflector can be equipped with a magnet for in-vehicle electromagnetic field sensor. From the redundancy evaluation performed, we conclude that the proposed solution increases the level of redundancy significantly. Therefore, the proposed solution could be an enabler for autonomous driving. 

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TRV 2015/97856
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Trafikverket TRV 2015/97856
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Preprint DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.1695.8323